What features could make the next Android version the best one ever

Features could make the next Android version the best one ever

Over the past years, Google managed to impress Android fans with each new release, as they constantly tried to introduce new features and make using the mobile operating system as easy as possible. And if you ask us, they did quite an amazing job, especially with the latest version of their dessert, Pie.

Still, you know what they say: there’s always room for more.

Android 9 Pie was very well received by the community of Android users, but shortly after its release, there were already numerous discussions about what the next version – an anniversary one, 10, as a side note – could bring and the list was pretty big.

Of course, a lot of the features fans talked about were pure fantasy, while some of them are something we’d love to see integrated into Android 10, expected to be released, in its final version, in August.

Let’s take a few moments and see what future addings could make the next Android version the best one ever, shall we?

Support for foldable devices

First, it was the curved display, then the notch. This year, it’s time for foldable devices to become the ‘top feature’. Google is aware of this and it appears that Android Q – because this is how it’s currently codenamed – will offer support for them.

A first Android Developers Blog post even confirmed this, so we know that Android will be ready for being installed on folding phones.

Face ID-like authentication

Ok, we know, this is already present, but we’re talking about authentication for logins and purchases, just like…well, Apple does it.

A report from XDA Developers reveals that the next Android version will be built with phones packing the necessary hardware to use facial scans for authentication in mind. Sure, it’s not yet clear how this will work, as it could combine several sensors, but the idea is simple: this is a feature that’s going to be available mostly on flagship devices.

As a side note, it’s more than obvious that iOS fans will start bragging that iPhones had it first, but this is already something usual, whenever a new version of the two rival operating systems is revealed.
Anyway, this could be a pretty impressive feature which we’re looking forward to using.

A big focus on privacy

Privacy has been a pretty serious concern lately and we really hope that Google is going to insist on it while building the final version of Android Q.

The mobile operating system is well known for having access to a lot of information, but to make everybody happy, users should have improved control over app access to information like location, shared files, contacts and so on.

Please, Google, you can do this!

Dark Mode. Everywhere!

One of the most popular Android 9 Pie features was definitely the dark mode, but for the next version, Q – whatever dessert they can name it after now if they can find one – we want even more. System-wide Dark Mode, to be more specific.

And it appears that it’s really going to happen.

According to TechRadar, the next Android version could offer users the possibility to toggle an all-system dark mode, which will turn Settings and File menus into a dark grey, while other parts of the OS, like the volume panel, the quick settings and notifications menu will also turn black, showing up against an even darker background. Which is absolutely cool, if you ask us.

A universal search feature

Over the past years, Android fans constantly asked for a universal search feature and it’s quite easy to understand why. Nowadays, almost any app or OS has such thing, while Android managed to remain somewhere behind. Yes, this is for real.

Fortunately, this feature can be replicated, using third-party skins, for example, but a native solution would be significantly better, we believe.

In contrast, just look at how iOS Spotlight works in order to better understand how a feature like this could make the next Android version quite amazing.

Improved gesture support

Sure, Android is pretty decent from this point of view, but there’s definitely a lot of room for improvement. And we’re not the only ones thinking about this since the Reddit communities focused on Google’s operating system are constantly mentioning this as well.

Regarding this, there are some rumours about Android Q replacing the back button with a gesture, as part of a continuous renovation of the gesture system, introduced with Pie, otherwise criticized for looking…incomplete.

Besides this, it is believed that Google is now testing a simpler transition between apps system, so we have all the reasons to believe that this is one ‘wish’ about to become reality.

Of course, there are tons of other features that could be integrated within the upcoming dessert in order to make it the best Android version ever, but the ones mentioned above should be the ones able to significantly improve the overall experience.

We’re definitely looking forward to the final version of the operating system in order to – hopefully – see them in action. Until then, do let us know what you would like to see in Android Q, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below.