Samsung Galaxy S7 – Is it worth upgrading

There’s no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S7 was one of the most expected smartphones of the year and every tech fan out there was looking forward to get their hands on it. And we can totally relate, since it’s the perfect example of what the South Korean manufacturer can do when it comes to handsets. Still, such an impressive piece of technology doesn’t come for cheap…

Nowadays, buying a high-end smartphone can be seen as a real investment and before doing it, you should consider every aspect, especially if you currently own the previous model, Galaxy S6. In such a situation, the most important question is: Is it worth upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S7?

If you’re still not sure about this, don’t worry, as we’re here to help! Below you can find the most important differences between Samsung’s current flagship and last year’s model, which, hopefully, will make your decision easier.


At a first glance, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is pretty much the same as the S6, since it follows the same design line. That’s almost true, since the manufacturer tweaked the body a bit and improved something that was already very good.
The phone borrows a back panel similar to the one on the Note 5, definitely improving the grip, while the colors in which is available – black, white, gold and silver – are way more pleasant.

Moving on with the design, one of the most notable changes can be spotted on the rear of the phone. The camera is no that protruding as on the S6, which, in our opinion, is a big plus for Sammy.
Finally, we should also mention the presence of the microSD card slot and the return of the IP68 certification, meaning that you can sink the phone in up to 1.5 m of water for 30 minutes.


From this point of view, it’s obvious that the Galaxy S7 comes with multiple pluses, like a new octa-core processor (Snapdragon 820 or Exynos 8890 Octa, depending on the market), 4 GB of RAM and 32 or 64 GB of expandable storage, as mentioned above. In a nutshell, pretty much the best configuration of the moment.


Again, Samsung nailed it, loading the S7 with a bigger battery, sporting a capacity of 3000 mAh. A notable upgrade from the S6’s 2550 mAh power pack, which, combined with the new Doze feature, brought by Android 6.0 Marshmallow, will definitely make it through a full day of intensive use.


Everybody was surprise when the Samsung Galaxy S7 was announced with a 12 MP camera, since the S6 featured a 16 MP sensor. Still, the numbers of megapixels doesn’t matter that much, since the S7 has an f/17 apperture and a 26 mm sensor, able to capture more light, therefore better photos.

To sum up, we can say that even though you currently own the Samsung Galaxy S6, is definitely worth upgrading to the S7. What the South Korean manufacturer did this year was to take something that was close to perfection, identify some potential minuses and transform them into pluses. We won’t be surprised if this will be the best smartphone of 2016!