Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs. LG G5: Which will be the Smartphone of the Year?

2016 is promising to be a great year for smartphone enthusiasts. Samsung just recently revealed the highly-anticipated Galaxy S7 Edge. It’s set to be released on March 11 with pre-orders before March 5 promised tobe delivered by March 8. The LG G5, the first modular phone to be released by the South Korean company, will most likely be released in April. So far, the buzz surrounding G5 is certainly enough to give the Galaxy S7 Edge a run for its money.

Now the question on everyone’s mind is, ‘which smartphone should I wait for?’ Here’s arundown on specs, features and early reviews of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and LG G5 to make up your mind:


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Thanks to many leaks early on, we have a pretty good idea about the specifications and features that will be included in the upcoming Galaxy S7 Edge. Physically, the S7 Edge is slightly smaller than the S6 in dimensions. However, the S7 Edge is 12 percent thicker than the previous version and weighs about 4 grams more. Design wise, the S7 Edge has an aluminum frame like the S6 but with sleekly curved edges.

It’s not the looks that have fans on the tips of their toes in anticipation, it’s the features. The Galaxy S7 Edge is IP68 water resistant and has an extremely useful wireless fast charging option not available on many other phones. Better yet, the Galaxy S7 Edge will have a microSD slot to increase overall storage. Plus, the in-built storage runs up to 128 GB (unfortunately, only the 32 GB version will be available in the U.S.) Also, you can pair the S7 with Gear VR for that virtual reality experience.

The early reviews for the phone only confirm that this will be the phone of the year in 2016. One Reddit user raved about the amazing battery life that can last for more than a couple of hours with the phone working at full capacity. Another gushed that Google keyboard works without lagging on the S7 Edge. We’ll have to wait till March to find out for certain, though.



The Galaxy S7 Edge definitely looks like tough competition to beat. From what we can discern from information available so far, the G5 is more than adept at holding its own against the S7 Edge.

We know for certain that the G5 will have a unibody metal design. Compared to the S7 Edge, the dimensions are slightly taller and wider, but significantly thinner. Unique for the G5 is its modular design. A user can remove the bottom part of the phone to expose battery, camera and card slots. This allows customers to equip the G5 with add-ons like physical camera enhancements, secondary battery, or even a Hi-Fi music player. Modular design is a big perk in this light.

The G5 shares features like a fingerprint sensor and all-time display with the S7. Samsung has the upper hand in display quality as the S7 sticks with the superior AMOLED display while the G5 only has IPS display. Both phones are evenly matched when it comes to display resolution.


The verdict

Decisions, decisions. It’s hard to choose because both phones genuinely look evenly matched. We don’t have early reviews for the G5 yet, which makes it even harder to make up one’s mind.

Then there’s the elephant in the room to address—the iPhone 7. This smartphone superstar is threatening to overshadow both the Galaxy S7 Edge and LG G5, and it has not even been announced yet. Customers can be assured however that Apple releases a new iPhone each year, usually around September.

Regardless, we are partial to the gorgeous design and wireless features offered by the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, but LG’s modular design and superior processor are hard to overlook. The only verdict we can give is to wait and see how the finished products turns out.