Five Things to Consider When Choosing Mobile App Developers

Each day, people can spend hours using mobile apps. App development is the lifeblood of the mobile industry and smart devices are essentially about functionality and versatility. The industry grows exponentially in recent years. It started with harmless interest on casual gaming and mobile apps have diverse functionality in education, sports, social networking and e-commerce sectors.

The mobile-first trend is the impetus of this growth and many companies are using mobile devices for a variety of purposes. Mobile apps are crucial for our future strategy and smartphones are more than just the primary tool of communication. Many companies find it necessary to have dedicated mobile apps for their business operations. Continue reading “Five Things to Consider When Choosing Mobile App Developers”

ZTE Hawkeye: Smartphone to Use Without Hands


When you say Hawkeye, most of you probably remember Jeremy Renner and his portrayal of comic book characters with this nickname. But of course we are not talking about the actors, nor the character he portrays, but the smartphone, which appeared at CES 2017 in the Kickstarter campaign. Full name ZTE Hawkeye was hitherto known as Project CSX. At CES 2017, the manufacturer has announced real name. Continue reading “ZTE Hawkeye: Smartphone to Use Without Hands”

HTC Desire 10 – Best Mid-Ranger Smartphone Of The Moment


When it comes to picking a new smartphone and you can’t afford a flagship, your best option remains a mid-range model, but it can be really hard to decide upon one, since the market is loaded with tons of models, from various manufacturers. Some of them have pretty nice specs, considering the price tag, but the design is…meh. On the other side, there are good looking devices, but with a boring spec sheet, making your decision harder and harder.

But what if we told you that a certain Taiwanese manufacturer recently launched an impressively good looking phone with a surprising spec sheet? We’re talking about the new HTC Desire 10 Pro, which combines premium design and flagship features! Continue reading “HTC Desire 10 – Best Mid-Ranger Smartphone Of The Moment”