HTC ONE M10 – The Best Solution to Your Android Problems

It’s been almost two years since the release of the HTC One M8, one of the greatest smartphones ever, according to some experts. After a lukewarm reception for the M9, HTC is ready to unveil the much more highly anticipated M10 this year. The buzz around this phone has been crazy as some speculate the HTC M10 could be the smartphone to adopt best to the Android platform.

HTC as a company has been undergoing a lot of marketing and management problems lately. So, the company is relying a lot on the HTC One M10 to deliver, so smartphone fans are expecting a lot from this device. Some speculate that HTC will offer features to battle commonly experienced Android problems like frozen user interfaces, insufficient RAM memory, lack of storage, sudden system crashes, and so on. Now, HTC hasn’t officially said anything regarding such features, but there’s a lot we can determine from early tech reviews and leaks. So, here are some of the coolest features of the HTC M10 that might be the panacea for your many Android problems:


A More Android-Friendly UI

The HTC M9 failed epically and basically got owned by competitors such as Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and the Apple iPhone thanks to a subpar user interface that was long due a makeover. It seems HTC has learned their lesson this time around, and is including a UI that is far easier and more convenient to use with Google’s Android. Early leaks indicate that the M10 will have an improved UI called Sense 8.0_G. The G reportedly stands for Google.

Faster Touch Recognition

Early reviews indicate that the new UI on the HTC M10 makes the screen a lot more responsive to touch compared to the competition. In fact, some tech reviewers say that the finger tap recognition on the M10 is faster than on the iPhone 6S. That’s quite an impressive accomplishment by HTC.

Snapdragon 820!

The HTC M10 comes with the Snapdragon 820 processor, one of the fastest available on the market. In fact, the chipset runs on four 2.15 GHz and 1.6 GHz Kryo cores, which makes the HTC M10 one of the most powerful phones available in the market right now. Better yet, it has 4GB of RAM, just like your laptop. These are impressive specs for a smartphone, but do they actually help common Android issues like lagging screen or system freezes? Early reviewers say yes, mostly because HTC has made the processor efficient and adaptive to the demands of the Android platform.

App Cleanup

Unwanted service provider installed apps are a huge headache for Android users, particularly as such apps can drain battery power and make the system run slower. HTC is ahead of the game in this regard, as the M10 comes with Boost+, which is basically an app cleanup center for Android. With Boost+, you can delete useless files, lower performance on hyperactive apps to save battery, and lock many apps from a single point. Also, HTC has taken steps to preinstall only a minimal number of essential apps.

With the M10, HTC is offering an Android experience far better than what other smartphones currently available on the market are able to offer. The M10 is definitely a cut above the rest that Android users can rejoice in.