How to take better photos with Samsung Galaxy S7

Those days when tech fans said that Samsung smartphones can take decent photos are already history. Ever since 2015, the South Korean manufacturer mounted some amazing sensors on their handsets, starting with the Galaxy S6 and continuing with the Galaxy Note 5, which had one of the best cameras we’ve ever seen on a phone.

Still, Samsung took their camera game to a whole new level this year. Even though we were initially surprised about the Galaxy S7 sporting a camera with a lower megapixel count, it was revealed that these megapixels are actually bigger, allowing more light in. Keeping it short, the 12 MP snapper can take some amazing shots! But what if we told you that there are a few tricks which can help you take even better photos?

We have prepared a short list with tips on how to take better pictures with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and get that max out of that camera. Sounds interesting, right? Lets begin!

1.Use the Pro mode

Like mentioned above, the Galaxy S7 has an excellent camera, able to take great pictures even on Auto, but you can totally adjust the settings of the photographs your taking using the Pro mode.

Open the camera app and tap the Mode button from the bottom of the screen, choosing Pro. You can now adjust features like white balance, ISO and contrast, depending on the environment youre shooting in and your snapshots will look even better!

2.Use the HDR mode

Its simple: keep it on all the time and you wont regret. Your phone will take a burst of photos, at different exposures, and combine them, resulting a spending image, with crisp and vivid colors. And whats even better about the Galaxy S7 is that the resolution will be the same as when taking a photo in Auto.

3.Use volume controls as shutter key

Most smartphones require you to press a button on the screen in order to take a photo and, in some cases, this can lead to shaky photos, even if your phone, has optical image stabilization.

Well, with the Galaxy S7, you dont need to do this, as you can set the volume key as a shutter. This works perfectly when youre taking photos in landscape mode, as the buttons can be easily accessed with your index finger.

4.Control the exposure with a touch

If youre not fancying the idea of switching to Pro mode, theres one setting you can control easily while in Auto. Just tap the display while the camera app is open and the exposure slider will show up, allowing you to swipe up and down until you get your desired setting.
If you want to lock a specific exposure value, tap on the scene you want and keep your finger there for a few seconds.

5.Take wider selfies

Come on, lets face it, we all take selfies from time to time. But what happens when you want to take a group selfie? The Galaxy S7 comes with a special option, dedicated to those who want to capture as much as possible with the front camera, so you dont need to use those ridiculous selfie sticks. While using the front-facing camera, go to Mode and select Wide Selfie. Thats it. See how much can you capture now? What do you think about our tips? Already tried them? Let us know if they came in handy, using the comments section below!