Google Pixel – What We Know, Specs, Price

In this article we will talk about the upcoming surprise, Google Pixel. We’ve seen a lot of excellent smartphones this year, like the Samsung Galaxy S7, the LG G5, HTC 10, Galaxy Note 7 (ignore its battery issues, the phone itself is amazing) and, of course, the iPhone 7. However, there’s one phone we’re looking forward to ever since the beginning of 2016, because hey, who doesn’t love stock Android?

Nexus fans all over the world were taken by surprise after hearing that the search engine giant is planning to ditch the successful moniker and replace it with Pixel. The main reason behind this change is Google’s decision to stop co-developing handsets with popular manufacturers and release its very own devices, to take on Samsung, Apple and other players on the smartphone market.

Google announced that they will be hosting a special event in San Francisco, on October 4th, when the two Pixel phones – yes, we’re gonna see two of them – will be revealed and it seems that they put a lot of effort into developing these phones, after looking at how impressive the advertising campaign was!

Besides a teaser video, which, honestly, doesn’t reveal anything else but a Google Search bar transforming into the shape of a tablet, and eventually a smartphone, the company also put several banners on skyscrapers in NYC. Well, we weren’t used to seeing this, so it could be a hint at something huge!

Ok, enough with the talk, let’s see what to expect from the big event!


Like every year, we already got the chance to get a glimpse of the two handsets, thanks to a set of leaked images.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL are both made of metal and glass, somehow reminding us of the iPhone 6s, from a certain point of view, with a fingerprint scanner on the back, a feature that is considered a must for nowadays’ high-end smartphones. Oh, and don’t get fooled by this images, as the back of the phones will be made of glass, while metal is used for the chassis.

Since the two phones are made by HTC, we’re also expecting to see dual speakers on the front, but let’s not get too excited about this.

As you can see, the two devices are identical, except the size, of course. Actually, Google claims that besides the size, the Pixel and Pixel XL will only differ in terms of battery and price.

These being said, let’s move on to the phone’s specs!


Google Pixel, the ‘smaller brother’ of the family is expected to come with a 5” AMOLED display, rocking a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. As for the XL version, it will measure 5.5 inches and an increased resolution, of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

We must admit that we were expecting QHD resolutions for both models, but full HD for the 5.0” one is also fine, being great for saving a bit of battery life.


Under the hood, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL will be powered by the new and improved Snapdragon 821 chip, with a quad-core configuration, alongside 4 GB of RAM. The handsets will be available with 32 or 128 GB of internal memory and, unfortunately, no microSD card slot, so you won’t be able to expand this capacity.

As mentioned above, both Pixels will have a rear mounted fingerprint scanner and, most likely a dual stereo speaker setup, placed on the bottom of the phone and in the earpiece. We’re very curious to see…actually hear them in action!

The rumored spec sheet is completed by the USB Type-C port, with Rapid Charging, as well as a 2770 mAh battery for the Google Pixel and 3450 mAh for the XL version.


Last year’s Nexus handsets had some amazing cameras, considered by many the best sensors ever mounted on an Android phone. Considering this, we’re expecting big things from the Pixel and Pixel XL, both featuring a 12 MP rear camera, with optical image stabilization, alongside an 8 MP front-facing one.

Operating system

Ah, yes, our favorite part. The Google Pixel and Pixel XL should run Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. Recently, Google announced that instead of running stock Android, the phones will have some unique features, especially design for Pixel phones. There are also some rumors about them sporting a newer version, but there’s nothing official about this for the moment.


From this point of view, we don’t have the best news. The Google Pixel is expected to have a starting price of $649, for the 32 GB version, which is a lot more than what we were used to. It’s also possible to see them in carriers’ offers, just like back 2014, when the Nexus 6 was launched.

And this is pretty much it, all the details we currently know about Google’s Nexus successors, Pixel and Pixel XL. What are your thoughts on this? Which of these two phone would you buy? Let us know, using the comments section below!