Five Things to Consider When Choosing Mobile App Developers

Each day, people can spend hours using mobile apps. App development is the lifeblood of the mobile industry and smart devices are essentially about functionality and versatility. The industry grows exponentially in recent years. It started with harmless interest on casual gaming and mobile apps have diverse functionality in education, sports, social networking and e-commerce sectors.

The mobile-first trend is the impetus of this growth and many companies are using mobile devices for a variety of purposes. Mobile apps are crucial for our future strategy and smartphones are more than just the primary tool of communication. Many companies find it necessary to have dedicated mobile apps for their business operations. Continue reading “Five Things to Consider When Choosing Mobile App Developers”

Samsung Gear S3 – The Best Smartwatch Of The Moment


Last year, Samsung decided that Android Wear is not that impressive and they can do better. Thus, the predecessor of the Gear S3, Gear S2 was born! A really sleek smartwatch, with a rotating bezel and, most important, running Tizen, the manufacturer’s own operating system! The tech community received the wearable very good, so we weren’t surprised when, a few days ago, the new generation was unveiled!

At a first look, we were totally impressed by the two new smartwatches launched by Samsung. Yes, smartwatches, as the Gear S3 was released in two versions, Classic and Frontier, the only differences between them being the materials used for the strap, the weight and built-in LTE, present on Samsung Gear S3 Frontier’s spec sheet. Continue reading “Samsung Gear S3 – The Best Smartwatch Of The Moment”

Nexus Smartwatch – Everything We Know So Far


A lot of tech fans have a soft spot for Nexus smartphones and we can’t blame them. After all, what’s not to love about a high-end device, with stock Android and a pocket-friendly price? Seems like the perfect combination, isn’t it? Well, yeah! Just look at the Nexus 6P, considered by many as the best Android phone ever made.

Considering this, there’s no wonder that there was so much hype when the first rumors about two possible Nexus smartwatches emerged. Yes, not just one, but two of them. Continue reading “Nexus Smartwatch – Everything We Know So Far”