Amazing Features That Are Power-Packed In Android Marshmallow

Every smart phone user will be alert to know the latest Android app and the latest android version that has been swapped into the market. However, the latest android version is android marshmallow 6.0. This is grabbing the attention of every android smart phone user to have this version on their mobiles. Though, this is the advanced version of the previous android version, but is power-packed with various attractive features, which has made the life of smart phone users easy. Examples of new features that you can find in the latest version is battering saving doze mode, this increases the battery backup and the other is Google Now on Tap. The later feature is the biggest update that has been made by Google, a technology giant, in the recent times.

Here are a few valid reasons of why Android Marshmallow is the breakthrough android version that you have ever seen before

android marshmallow-700

Android Pay

Similar to the Apple pay, android pay allows the smart phone users to save their credit and debit card details on their mobiles and pay for the goods wirelessly without concerning about the security threats. Alongside, for carrying out the transactions safely and securely, the Android Pay uses a unique virtual account number than your own number. This keeps the history of the purchases you have made through this app. If you have lost your mobile or stolen, then the Android Device Manager will wipe off the confidential data on your phone without giving a room for the attackers to misuse your data.

USB Type-C

This is the common connection that has to be used in the years to come. This allows the users to charge their mobiles at a faster pace unlike the traditional charges. Usually, it takes a couple of hours to completely charge a Nexus 6P mobile. The latest version of android, i.e. Marshmallow has intuitive USB Type-C, so when the smart phone has connection to USB type-C, then you can charge quickly and easily.

Adoptive Storage

The android phones enable you to insert the memory cards in any from unlike the previous android version which has a different entity. Usually, the smart phones have a memory space on their mobiles and to extend the storage space, people insert memory cards, but swapping the cards would be a little irritating. Then comes the solution in the form of adoptive storage. In this latest version, marshmallow treats the memory card space and the memory in the mobile as one instead of a separate storage space, thus allowing you to use the entire memory space happily without any hassle.

Now On Tap

The sea change that you can notice in the marshmallow version is Google Now. Albeit, it looks alike to that of the previous version, but the Google Now is segregated into different areas of the OS and is wiser than before. This feature helps you to send your location to your friends accurately than before.

System UI (User-Interface) Tuner

The marshmallow has fixed the biggest bug in the previous versions. Earlier, you would notice the battery life, signals, and other information on the top of the status bar, but this would be a big mess, when you are using multiple apps at a time. But, with this system UI tuner, smart phone users can move the status of their battery life into the tray and display the important things on the status bar. Now, you can view the information on the status that you would like to view.