ZTE Hawkeye: Smartphone to Use Without Hands

When you say Hawkeye, most of you probably remember Jeremy Renner and his portrayal of comic book characters with this nickname. But of course we are not talking about the actors, nor the character he portrays, but the smartphone, which appeared at CES 2017 in the Kickstarter campaign. Full name ZTE Hawkeye was hitherto known as Project CSX. At CES 2017, the manufacturer has announced real name.

Why is it ZTE Hawkeye?

Hawkeye is the translation of the hawk eye and the reason for naming this particular model, vision somewhat related. If you do not know, so let’s take first things first. In 2016, ZTE launched a competition for consumers. They should play with ideas and present their implementation into your smartphone.
The winning design was based on the results of the competition include technology for eye tracking to avoid having to MATL fingers across the screen. At the same time, it should have an adhesive surface of the body. In the final proposal, but the manufacturer decided to adjust this parameter for adhesive sleeve, the body will be from conventional material. The combination of two existing technologies would then be able to postpone such a phone on a vertical wall, like a window on the table, and his eyes slide the screen up, down or left and right. The proposal is then calculated with the deployment of voice control technology, which will use the phone at other levels (such as opening and switching applications, pages, etc.).

ZTE Hawkeye should have a 5.5″ Full HD display, microSD card slot, fingerprint sensor, a large battery with fast charging, two SIM card slots and Android 7.0 Nougat.

What are the objectives and plans of ZTE?

Campaign on Kickstarter has already begun and aims to choose for the production of $500,000. Meanwhile chosen just over $13,000, but by the end of the campaign, there is still 44 days, which is really enough. But if you believe that this campaign has meaning and believe that with that ZTE is able to fight, still donate any amount. If you would like such a smartphone you own, for $199 it delivered anywhere in the world. ZTE promises that if the campaign is filled expedition, smartphones will begin no later than 3/4 year after the end of the campaign, or should arrive sometime in the third quarter of this year, more towards the end.

How do you like the idea of such a smartphone? Would you use a hands-free operation?