What Can You Expect From HTC One M10

If we talk about the top smart phone makes on the market, HTC will be one of them. It has produced some of the finest Android devices over the years. Most of them have been the part of the ‘One’ series. Many phones have been launched in the series, with the latest one being the M9. And now it is time for the company to launch the HTC One M10. Every person who likes the HTC phones has quite high hopes from the new model. The company has not yet released the specifics of the phone, but here are a few things that you can expect from it.

Features that we might see in the HTC One M10:

  • Better Battery Life

The biggest disappoint among the users of M9 was the poor battery life. It was even worse than its predecessor M8. Although the battery was bigger it did not last longer. But with M10 there are high hopes that this problem will be resolved. An even bigger battery and a more efficient processor will do the trick. Besides that, wireless charging is a must, as the top most models of all the other companies have this feature. You can also expect a quick charge enabled phone as well as charged.

  • Superior Camera

There is no doubt that the camera is one of the most important features of a smartphone. There are many people who do not go into the details like processor, GPU, etc. All they want is a high quality camera. HTC was trying to promote the 4MP Ultra Pixel camera till its M8, but people did not seem to like it very much. In M9 finally they opted for the normal 20MP camera that was not at all exceptional. Many experts say that HTC should go back to Ultra Pixel tech, but make it 8MP for better picture quality. Let’s see if the company feels the same.

  • A Newer Design

From a couple of years the designs of phones have not evolved much. Most of the Android device makers like Motorola and Samsung are stuck with similar designs in all price ranges. Samsung recently tried to shake the market a little with its edge screen, but it did not have any impact as the feature serves no purpose at all. Even if HTC does not make any big changes like this, it is still expected that the design of M10 will differ from other phones of this series. The SIM and SD card tray as in Moto X Play could be a nice addition.

  • Water Resistance

This feature has become quite common in the recent high end phones from other companies. Users now like to click photos when in pool and watch TV shows when in the shower. But it is a very big challenge for HTC as they like to use a lot of metal when designing the phone. If however, they are able to make it happen, it will be a great selling point for the phone, especially if they add dust proof to the feature list.