Top Reasons Why Android Is Very Familiar Than iOS

As of now, we could find two mobile operating systems, one is Android and the other one is iOS. But comparing to iOS,  Android is very popular among the mobile users. Rather, being popular, the mobile users would like to use the Android OS the most while comparing to iOS. Do you know why? If not, I will explain you the reasons for the familiarity of android operating system in the coming paragraphs.

  • Good User Interface

    The user interface includes the features, appearance of the icons, accessing speed of the features and more. You can find the user interface of the Android OS has been continuously enhanced every year. That is, you can find the latest android version with updated features and specifications. But in iOS, you could not find any updated user interface.

  • Internet Speed

    The speed of the internet plays an important role in smart phones. No one would like to use the smart phones with slow internet connection. Your OS plays a vital in increasing the speed of your internet. Do you know that? The android browser comes with visual bookmarks and other icons for making the browsing easy and simple, whereas the iOS does not contain bookmarks and its browser comes with difficult algorithms.

  • More Applications

    The Android OS is developed to support limitless applications. That is, you can able to download any new applications easily in your Android phones. But, the iOS will support only a few applications. Also, you cannot use the new applications straightway. The use of applications will be precised in iOS phone.

  • Multiple Screen Keyboards

    In android phones, you can change your keyboard every now and then as your wish. That is, you can either have swipe keyboard or QWERTY keyboard or something else like that. Also, you can get many spelling suggestions while typing the matter and you can modify the spelling by deleting one or two. In iOS phone, you cannot able to install multiple keyboards at all.

  • Easy Customization

    Android operating system can be customized according to the needs and demands of the users. But iOS will never let you customize the settings or something else. Rather, you have to access what is there in the OS.

  • Multi Tasking System

    The Android operating system is developed to support multiple tasks at a time. This feature lets you answer the phone call one hand and on the other hand, you could reply to the messages you have received. No multi tasks are permitted in iOS.

The Android operating system has large fan followers, whereas iOS does not have large fan followers. The reason for this is that, the updates and innovations that android has. You could find android with too many customizations and modifications every now and then. These frequent changes and updates are what drive mobile users towards android the most. Android is a kind of operating system designed to respect the customer’s needs and requirements and let them make the changes as per their wish.