Samsung S8, The Most Anticipated Phone Of 2017

If Apple is known for holding its events in September, it’s obvious that today we’re talking about Samsung S8.

A lot of new smartphones are launched every year, but there’s no doubt that two of them are expected like crazy, every year. Yes, we’re talking about Samsung and Apple’s flagships, which managed to generate insane amounts of buzz around them, months ahead of the launch. Continue reading “Samsung S8, The Most Anticipated Phone Of 2017”

What We Can Expect From The LG G6 – Design, Display, Camera


This year, LG has a huge chance, one that doesn’t occur that often, and they should exploit it to the max! After Samsung announced that they will delay the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8, expected to make its debut on March 29, LG knew that they can steal the show at MWC 2017, by introducing their new flagship, LG G6.

There are just a few days left until the handset will make its debut, so, like every year, we know pretty much everything about it. Of course, we don’t exclude the scenario in which LG still manages to surprise us with a few features that they managed to keep secret! Continue reading “What We Can Expect From The LG G6 – Design, Display, Camera”