Low Budget Android Phones That You Can Afford


Android phones come in many shapes and sizes. They have many functions. Depending on these factors, their prices are different. There are many high end phones that are known for their good looks and features. Although everyone wants high end phones, not all can afford them. However, with a lot of budget phones, everyone can enjoy using an Android phone. These phones have a rich set of functions and features. They do not compromise on style either. Hence, you should check out these phones in the market.


  • Moto E



As the name Moto is synonymous with good quality phones, this phone features first in the list. People have trusted the Motorola brand due to their sleek and efficient phones. This phone is no different. It looks nice and has all the essential features. Since people like to flaunt their phones, the body of Moto E is very sleek. It has a decent camera specification. Most budget phones are known to have a very less memory. This phone is an exception to that. It has 1 GB RAM, which is sufficient. It has internal memory of 4 GB. This makes it easy to store all your documents and media. Moto E is durable and good looking. Hence, users give it preference over other phones.


  • Sony Experia E3


As Sony is a well known brand, this phone is also popular in the market. It has a 5MP camera. This phone functions smoothly. With 4.5 inch display screen, users will get a good experience of watching videos on it. It has a card slot that can be used to expand its memory. Hence, storing content will not be a problem to the users. It has all the other features like radio and HTML5 browser.


  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 3


Xiaomi came to prominence due to its affordable phones that do not compromise on anything. With its Note 3, Xiaomi has taken a leap into the market of phones that are bigger. With its 3 GB RAM and 32 GB memory, this phone is very impressive. Apart from this, users will also enjoy 5.5 inch screen. It has many other features like radio, Bluetooth 4.1 and so on. This phone has a primary camera of 16 MP. This is huge, considering the fact that it is a budget phone. Users will love the experience of taking clear pictures with it. This phone has 2 SIM slots. Hence, it is best for people who use two SIM cards.


  • Huawei Honor 5X


This is another impressive phone in this list. Huawei is known to make good phones that are very useful. This phone has dual cameras of 13 MP and 5 MP. This makes it very wonderful. It comes with Android Lollipop version. Hence, it is fast and nice. It also has a full metal body. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 MSM8939v2 chip also boosts its performance. It has a nice design. Hence, this is one of the phones to watch out for.