Huawei P9 Camera – How It Actually Works


The days when Huawei was considered just another Chinese brand are history. The manufacturer is now one of the top brands when it comes to smartphones and they keep amazing us with their devices. After all, Google didn’t choose them to make the latest Nexus for no reason, right?

Their latest flagship, Huawei P9, is the perfect illustration of what this company can do. Besides the high-end spec sheet and the stylish design, there’s no doubt that the main attraction point of this phone is the 12 MP camera. Or, better said, camera system, since we’re dealing with two snappers here.

Now, a dual camera setup isn’t something that new, as we’ve seen it on a couple of phones before, but Huawei has opted for a totally different approach here. Instead of taking two photos, the cameras take just one, but the quality is higher.

Curious already? Let’s find out how the Huawei P9 Camera actually works!

Taking each camera in particular, we know that one has a regular RGB sensor, taking color photos, like any other smartphone does. The second camera has a monochrome sensor instead, taking only black and white photos. Still, its purpose is to send the phone more information about your capture, in order to process it and deliver a crisp and clear photo.

Going a bit into the technical details, you should know that this secondary sensor can detect how much light is coming when taking a photo, unlike a regular RGB one, which need to filter out light in order to figure where each color goes, losing detail.

Keeping it short, both cameras capture an image at the same time, taking the best parts from each of them and creating one awesome image.

Simple, huh? According to the phone’s official spec sheet, the dual-camera is able to capture 270 percent more light than some of its main competitors, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Apple’s iPhone 6s.

Besides the dual setup, the camera features a hybrid focus system, relying on laser, depth and contrast focus, able to deliver almost perfectly focused images. Oh, and it’s very fast, maybe the fast ever seen on a smartphone until date.

As for the Leica branding, well…it’s more of a marketing strategy. Indeed, the famous camera-maker worked closely with Huawei at developing the camera, but otherwise, it’s just a new camera UI, influenced by Leica’s own camera software. The lenses are Leica certified, but again, it’s just to make everything sound better that it actually is.

Speaking about the camera software, it comes with 14 shooting modes, easily accessible through the menu. You can control settings like focus, ISO, shutter speed, exposure or white balance, while options like simulated depth of field shots or a wide array of filters are also available.

Overall, we have all the reasons to believe that Huawei managed to load their new flagship with what can be called one of the best cameras ever mounted on a smartphone. And believe us, we’re not the only ones saying this, the P9’s photography abilities being praised by multiple tech authorities until now!

What are your thoughts on this? How important is the camera when deciding upon a new phone? The comments section is waiting!