How to extend Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery Life

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 is definitely one of the most impressive smartphones we’ve seen so far this year, the South Korean manufacturer managing to take an almost perfect device, the Galaxy S6, and improve it as much as possible.

One of the most notable improvements of the Galaxy S7, compared with the previous generation is the battery. Samsung surprised everybody by including a much bigger power pack, with a capacity of 3000 mAh, which, combined with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chipset, should provide enough juice to help you get through a full day of moderate use. But hey, there’s no such thing as a decent battery life…

Even though the average user will be happy with the Galaxy S7’s performance, you should know that you can get even more from it, especially when it comes to battery. Considering this, we’ve put together a list with a few tips on how to improve your new smartphone’s battery life. Let’s begin, shall we?


Use the Power Saving modes

This is basically a no-brainer, but man, it can be efficient. Just like previous generations, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has a couple of software additions perfect for those times when you need to squeeze as much energy as possible from your phone.

To be more specific, we’re talking about the regular Power Saving mode and Ultra Power Saving mode. While the first limits CPU performance, reduces screen brightness, alongside frame rate and other things, like vibration feedback, allowing your phone to function normally, the latter transforms your smartphone into a basic phone. You will be able to use just the call and SMS functions, while the screen will turn black and white, with a simple, basic menu. But, in extreme conditions, it’s perfect!

Reduce backlight time and screen brightness

There’s no secret that the display is one of the biggest battery drainers, but there’s a very easy way to fix this. Simply reduce the brightness to the lowest possible level which still allows you to see what’s on the screen.

Also, don’t forget that you can reduce the amount of time your screen is on while you’re not using the phone. Just go to the

Setting menu > Display > Screen Timeout

and select the desired time. The lower, the better for your battery.

Turn off unused features

We know that you like to be connected permanently, but turning off the Wi-Fi or your mobile date when you don’t really need them will significantly improve your Samsung’s battery life. Same goes for Bluetooth, if you don’t have any devices connected to the phone or not making transfers, turn it off.

Restrict background data

Finally, this last trick should be performed with care, as you need to examine all your apps. Not all of them should be connecting to the Internet if you’re not using them, so in order to extend your Samsung Galaxy S7’s battery life you could consider turning off background data for them.

Again, don’t do this for social media apps, as you won’t be receiving notifications anymore, but other apps, like game or camera tools, for example, are eligible. Just go to Settings > Data Usage > Background Data and select the apps you don’t want to keep using data.

And this sums it up. Applying all this tips will surely improve your Galaxy S7’s endurance, with at least a few hours. Already tried them? Let us know about the results, using the comments section below!