Some Easy And Useful Android Hacks

As long as there have been digital devices, the mysterious field of hacking has been there. It intrigues a lot of people as it has countless and really interesting applications. Hacking however, is not as hard as most people think. It is actually very hard, but you can do some basic tweaks with little or absolutely no technical knowledge. But in that case hacking does not always mean getting access to someone’s device remotely. It also means making a few rare changes in your own devices to make the experience better. If we talk about the Android devices, there must be a few things you would like to do, but the inbuilt settings do not allow you to do much. With the help of numerous apps available on the internet, you can make a lot of things happen, without having to root the phone. Here are some details about these hacks.

  1. Lock The Phone Remotely

No matter how careful you are, you can still lose your phone. You might forget it or drop it or it might get stolen. The major problem with this is not that you will have to spend again on a new phone, but that’s all you have lost all the data like photos and contacts and even bigger issue is that someone might be accessing that private data. You can stop at least that from happening by locking the phone remotely. You need to go to the Android Device Manager using your computer and login with the Gmail ID you used on the phone. There you will get the option to lock the phone. You can also display a message on the screen like return the phone at this address, etc. With this you can even locate the phone, but that is not very accurate. For all this to work, that phone obviously needs to be connected to the internet.


  1. Record All Voice Calls

You must have had a situation in which you thought that if you just had the recording of what the other person said to you on the phone you could have proved your point. Well, you can make sure that you are ready when it happens again by installing Automatic Call Recorder. It is a free app that records every call you make or receive automatically. You will not have to press any button or activate it. The app will keep the recording of the last 40 calls at any given time. You can then select the important ones and save them on your phone for ever.


  1. Install Linux On Android

If you like computers, you must have heard about Linux. In case you have not, it can be described as an Operating System in easy terms. You can easily get a free distribution of Linux and install it on your computer. But if you want it on your phone, you can do that more easily. All you need to do is install an app named Debian Noroot. You will then be able to use this fully functional OS.