Samsungs Next Top Phablet Called Galaxy Note 7 – Review

Unlike other manufacturers, which have one major event per year, dedicated to launching their flagship, Samsung has two of them. The first is usually scheduled for the first quarter of the year, where they also launch a flagship, while the second is happening somewhere in Q3, where theyre introducing a phablet called Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

We’ve already seen the excellent Galaxy S7, so, naturally, were looking forward to the sixth generation of the Samsung Galaxy Note. There are a few months left until the phone will be officially unveiled, as the rumors are pointing to this happening on August 15, so there arent so many details available about the handset, but theyre enough for us to make a round-up!

»Galaxy Note 7 Specs«


Believe it or not, despite what everybody was expecting, theres a chance for Samsungs next top phablet to be called Galaxy Note 7 instead of Note 6. We know, it sounds crazy, but theres a simple reasons behind this decision.

We all remember last years Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 being released at the same time and the confusion they created. This ended up with Samsung making the dual-edged model available only in Europe, a premiere for the company.

Calling it Galaxy Note 7 would line the phone with the manufacturers current high-end line-up, consisting in the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Our recommendation is to take this with a pinch of salt, since for the moment theres nothing official about this.


From this point of view we dont expect a massive change, compared with the Note 5. Therefore, we wont be surprised if Samsung follows the same design line as last years, just like they did with the flagship, and the Galaxy Note 6 will offer a metallic build.

Of course, the S Pen wont be missing – there are rumors about it being called E S-PEN, without any information about what this stands for being available – while the fingerprint scanner will be present as well, alongside an iris scanner, which would be one of Samsung Galaxy Note 6s wow features.


A recent set of leaks from China, spotted on social network Weibo, revealed a couple of details about the Samsung Galaxy Note 6s (or 7) specs, which wouldve been pretty easy to guess otherwise. For example, the display will measure 5.77 inches – slightly bigger than last years 5.7” – and will sport a QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. We dont know exactly if the phone will feature a dual-edged display as well, so well be reserved from making predictions.


The same leak from Weibo claims that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will come in two variants, one being powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, while the other one hiding a home-made Exynos under the
hood. There arent any details about the exact Snapdragon chip the phone will rely on, but it could be the new 823, able to support up to – get ready for this – 8 GB of RAM.

However, this is less likely to happen, as such amount is not yet necessary for a phone. On the other side, the scenario in which the phablet is powered by 6 GB of RAM is way more plausible. Also, back in May, Samsung released a 10nm LPDDR4 6GB RAM chip, which might be the Exynos designed for the next Note.

Finally, the storage capacity should count 64 or 128 GB, while the microSD card slot hasnt been confirmed yet. There are also some rumors about a 256 GB variant, which, if materializes into reality, would make users forget about a potential lack of a card slot.


It seems that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will follow the current downsizing trend when it comes to the megapixel count, coming with a 12 MP camera, instead of 16, like the Note 5. Still, it could have some nice additions, like Super OIS Plus and infrared-based autofocus.

Samsung is rumored to be working at a new sensor, with an aperture of 1/ 2.3 inch aperture, which should be accompanied by a f/1.4 lens, able to capture with up to 17 per cent more light. If this is the camera that will equip the Note 6, then were more than curious to see what it can do!

There arent any details about the front-facing camera, but it should use a 5 MP sensor, just as the Galaxy S7 does.


Since were dealing with a pretty massive phone, the battery should be able to provide a big quantity of juice, for a full day of regular use. More sources are pointing to a capacity of 4000 mAh, while others say that it will be 4200 mAh.

Anyway, the phone should feature a USB Type-C port, unlike the S7 and S7 Edge, which still rely on micro USB. As for those who are hoping that they will be able to quickly swap the battery with a new one once its empty, we have some bad news, as the phones back will most likely be sealed.


We know that will be two possible versions of the Galaxy Note 7, the first one, 32GB, it’s set to be $800, but the second one, 64GB, hasn’t got any price yet.


From what we know, its clear that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 (or 7) will be a real beast in terms of processing power. Above you can find all the details we currently know about its specifications, but again, theres nothing official.

Like always, the comments section is open, so tell us what you think about this phablet. Would you buy it?

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