Reasons Why Android Phones Are Better Than Phone Varieties

With the advent of smart phone technology, many new phones have become available in the market. There are many phone choices for people. These phones differ in their shapes, operating systems and features. Android phones have become very popular right from the day of their launch. There are many varieties of Android phones. You should get a phone that is very efficient and easy to use. There are many such phones for people. Android phones are better than other phone varieties. Android phones give you a wonderful and useful mechanism of doing many things efficiently.


Wonderful Design

The design of the Android phones is their best feature. The screen design of these phones is intuitive It makes it easy to go from one screen to another with ease. Every layout of the screen is very pretty. Users have no trouble using the various apps on such a phone. The home screen is also well designed. With such a beautiful design, users have a pleasant experience using the phone. Android makes all phones running on it smooth and fast.


Since there are many phones that have Android OS, users will have uniformity while using them. Since all these phones will have a similar screen view, users can switch between various Android phones as per their choice. The internal design of the phones will remain the same. Hence, various important things like Settings will be easy to use. Users can easily use a variety of phones from various phone manufacturers. This is the biggest advantage of using Android phones.

Lots Of Free Stuffs

With Android, users can enjoy many free apps. Android has many interesting apps that can make your life easier. Google Pay Store has a lot of free apps in every category. Hence, users will love to get a lot of things done using their phones. Apart from this, users can also upgrade their phones to latest Android versions without giving any money. The free upgrades keep your phones updated with all the latest features. Since Android is so popular, all the useful apps are found in the app store. Users do not have to wait for their favorite apps to be to release for Android.

Many Options

Since Android is the most popular operating system, many device manufacturers use it in their phones. Hence, people do not have to depend on one phone manufacturer. They can choose from many options like Samsung, Motorola, and HTC and so on.


Since Android is based on the Linux Kernel, it is very secure. This kernel is well maintained. You will experience the advanced features of security with such a system. If any bugs exist, they are fixed quickly with every software update.

Best Use Of Hardware

Android is made in such a way that it utilizes the resources of the devices efficiently. With Android, you can use hardware like camera, Bluetooth and sensors in the best possible manner. This enhances the user experience and gives them good results. Your device will function smoothly with this software.