LG V20- The Perfect Android Of 2016?


Last year, LG took the tech world by surprise, releasing one of the most interesting smartphones of the year, the V10, a handset with a secondary display, perfect for showing notifications and, why not, giving it a personal touch.

Since this specific model was received so well by the market, it was pretty obvious that the South Korean manufacturer would eventually launch a successor! A few weeks ago…it finally happened. The LG V20 was officially introduced and it received a lot of positive reviews, a lot of people claiming that it can be considered one of the best Android handsets of the year, even better than the company’s flagship, the G5, while others took things one step further, claiming that it’s the best Android of the moment! Continue reading “LG V20- The Perfect Android Of 2016?”

Google Pixel – What We Know, Specs, Price


In this article we will talk about the upcoming surprise, Google Pixel. We’ve seen a lot of excellent smartphones this year, like the Samsung Galaxy S7, the LG G5, HTC 10, Galaxy Note 7 (ignore its battery issues, the phone itself is amazing) and, of course, the iPhone 7. However, there’s one phone we’re looking forward to ever since the beginning of 2016, because hey, who doesn’t love stock Android?

Nexus fans all over the world were taken by surprise after hearing that the search engine giant is planning to ditch the successful moniker and replace it with Pixel. The main reason behind this change is Google’s decision to stop co-developing handsets with popular manufacturers and release its very own devices, to take on Samsung, Apple and other players on the smartphone market. Continue reading “Google Pixel – What We Know, Specs, Price”

Samsung Gear S3 – The Best Smartwatch Of The Moment


Last year, Samsung decided that Android Wear is not that impressive and they can do better. Thus, the predecessor of the Gear S3, Gear S2 was born! A really sleek smartwatch, with a rotating bezel and, most important, running Tizen, the manufacturer’s own operating system! The tech community received the wearable very good, so we weren’t surprised when, a few days ago, the new generation was unveiled!

At a first look, we were totally impressed by the two new smartwatches launched by Samsung. Yes, smartwatches, as the Gear S3 was released in two versions, Classic and Frontier, the only differences between them being the materials used for the strap, the weight and built-in LTE, present on Samsung Gear S3 Frontier’s spec sheet. Continue reading “Samsung Gear S3 – The Best Smartwatch Of The Moment”