Latest And User-Friendly Apps For Android Phones

Smartphones are taking the mobile world by storm. Many mobile manufacturing companies are designing the smartphones that are compatible with android operating system. Usually, many Android users, especially those users who are new in using android mobiles, face difficulty in finding the best Android apps to download on their mobiles. With thousands of apps available in the market, it is quite cumbersome for the people to narrow down the choices whether it may be a fitness app, news app or weather app.

Here are a few apps for android that are listed out to be the must-have and amazing apps of 2016. You can download these apps to your mobile and get the information at your fingertips:

Apps for Android Smartphones


User-Friendly Weather App For Android

Morecast-weather-apps for android
apps for android – Morecast

There are umpteen weather apps available in the android world, which look more accurate compared to the one that are intuitive in the smartphones

More Cast: This is the brilliant weather app that is pulling the attention of smartphone users to download it on their mobiles with its rich interface and superior quality layout. However, only Android users can have this on their mobile. This is the latest weather apps which enables the users to compare the weather conditions of two to three cities side by side and gives precise information about the weather information of a city or route you are planning to travel. These predictions help you a lot while travelling to a long distance. This is a free app and is the best weather app compared to all.


Wonderful Launcher App For Android

Action-Launcher-3-700-apps for android
apps for android – Action-Launcher-3

Are you bored of seeing the same look of your android mobile and looking for an app to change the look and feel of your Android phone? Then you have to download a user-friendly launcher app. This app changes the wallpaper, home screen, layout and icons and makes your mobile look unique and stylish. This app is worth giving a try to change the entire look of your mobile screen

Action Launcher 3: This is a favorite launcher app of a sea of smartphone users. You can make simple amendments in your mobile such as changing the home screen, app drawer layout, app icons, and even customize the home screen folders with ease. You do not need to shell out a single penny to download and install this on your mobile. This transforms the entire look of your user-interface with its amazing features.


Best Fitness App For Android

7-minute-workout-700-apps for android
apps for android – 7-minute-workout

This is the must-have app in every mobile, since today every individual has become a fitness freak. No matter whether you would like to burn the extra calories or boost the energy levels, then you have to download 7 Minute Workout app. This health and fitness app only supports on android mobiles.

7 Minute Workout App: This app shows the 7 minute workout that you can carry out at homes instead of spending a hefty amount on gyms and aerobics. These exercises will help you to attain the desired weight and boost the cardiovascular function in no time. Usually, many of the android fitness apps will ask to enter the height and weight. But, in this app, all you need to do is to, just hit the start button to take a look over the exercises and start off doing the workouts right in your home without purchasing any expensive gym equipment.