Key Features Of Android Lollipop 5.0

Google’s Android operating system is getting improved every year with some new versions. Before some days, Android users were busy in sharing the uniqueness of the android KitKat 4.0. But now, things have been changed. Since now, the android Lollipop 5.0, the next version of KitKat has been launched. And now, people are running here and there to know about the latest features of Android 5.0 OS. Just to let them know the features of android Lollipop 5.0, I have explained some stunning features below, just read on.

  • Continue Where You Left

    Yes, this android 5.0 will let you resume the applications where you left off. This point is applicable for all such applications right from songs to photos. So, you do not have to start again from the first once you left that app.

  • Material Design

    The android Lollipop uses the material design interface just to maintain the consistency of the design experience in a fair manner among all Android devices. You can experience the 3D appearance in this Lollipop android.

  • Multiple Device Compatibility

    Right from cars to smart watches, the android Lollipop will scale down into any devices. This is a fantastic advantage to look at. Google has included this feature just to increase the flexibility of the android. If the android is reliable, you can use it on any devices as of your choice and needs.

  • Battery Saver

    You can find a battery saver in this 5.0 android to enhance the battery life of the device. Also, the battery saver will reveal the time that is still left to power up your battery. By that, you can get to know your charging time.

  • Improved Security

    Users can able to share their device with guest user mode at 100% safety and security. Added to that, users can create many user accounts to let their friends to sign on their device. Even though you share your device with friends or let other people use your device, but your files and other data will never be hacked by anyone.

  • Updated notifications

    Rather simply getting message notification and Whatsapp notifications, you can now view and reply to those messages by simply touching the notification message. A single swipe down from the home screen will let you know the notifications and a touch on those messages will let you read the messages and reply to the messages.

  • Updated Camera

    The Lollipop camera is updated with limitless image capturing features. You can capture the image with endmost clarity and comfortability. You can immediately crop the images that are captured. And you can capture the images in different light shades as your need.

Final Thoughts

Firstly, the android Lollipop is being found in Google’s Nexus. But now, you could find this android version in many Android devices. This shows the popularity of the android Lollipop 5.0. The features are easy and simple to use. No inconveniences will be encountered while accessing the features of Android 5.0.