HTC Desire 10 – Best Mid-Ranger Smartphone Of The Moment

When it comes to picking a new smartphone and you can’t afford a flagship, your best option remains a mid-range model, but it can be really hard to decide upon one, since the market is loaded with tons of models, from various manufacturers. Some of them have pretty nice specs, considering the price tag, but the design is…meh. On the other side, there are good looking devices, but with a boring spec sheet, making your decision harder and harder.

But what if we told you that a certain Taiwanese manufacturer recently launched an impressively good looking phone with a surprising spec sheet? We’re talking about the new HTC Desire 10 Pro, which combines premium design and flagship features!

HTC’s aim was to bring some flagship flavor to the middle of the market and the Desire 10 Pro seems to be the best method of doing this, borrowing several features from the company’s flagship, HTC 10. Unfortunately, it doesn’t borrow the premium metal unibody design, but this isn’t actually a bad thing, since the Desire 10 Pro still looks very good! It’s built around a metallic frame, meaning that it’s very solid and feels sturdy in hand, despite the soft-touch polycarbonate used for other parts.

Currently, you can get it in four different colors, like Stone Black, Royal Blue, Valentine Lux and Polar White, all of them featuring a gold trim, for a more exquisite finish. Is it too much if we say that we love the way that Stone Black model looks?

On the back of the HTC Desire 10 Pro we can spot a pretty big camera, about which we’ll talk a bit later, as well as a fingerprint scanner, a feature that isn’t a feature just for flagships anymore. Actually, it’s the first time a Desire handset has one!

Moving on with the design, we can also notice a headphone jack on the bottom, relying on the BoomSound enhancement technology, in order to provide the best audio experience. It’s not high-end, like the LG V20, for example, but it’s still good!


Now, time for the main attraction point of the ‘exterior’: the display. The HTC Desire 10 Pro comes with a 5.5” full HD display, able to deliver crisp and clear photos. Yes, it’s still far from an AMOLED panel, but it’s still a good choice for daily use.


Ok, so the phone looks good and has a good display, but what’s hidden under the hood? Surprisingly, HTC packed an impressive amount of power into the handset, featuring Mediatek’s Helio P10 chipset, with an octa-core configuration, alongside 3 or 4 GB of RAM, depending on whether you opt for 32 or 64 GB of internal storage. Also, if you feel like you need a bit more space, there’s also a microSD card slot, supporting cards up to 2TB.


Keeping it short, it’s the best one we’ve seen on a HTC Desire model so far. It’s using a 20MP sensor, with f/2.2 aperture, HDR, as well as a two-tone flash, with added laser autofocus. Even if the phone itself is just a mid-ranger, the HTC Desire 10 Pro can take some pretty awesome snapshots. They’re bright, clear and in-focus, not to mention the low light performance, so…what more can you ask for?

On the front, the handset has a 13 MP camera, with a really cool selfie panorama mode and HDR mode. The funny part is that it’s way better than the HTC 10’s 5 MP front-facing camera!


Finally, let’s focus on the battery. The Desire 10 Pro comes with a 3000 mAh power pack, non-removable, able to deliver up to eight hours of Internet use via Wi_fi, 11 hours of video, or up to 53 hours of audio playback. Overall, it should last for a full day of intensive use with ease, if you ask us.

To sum up, we must admit that we’d totally buy the HTC Desire 10 Pro over any other mid-range handset available on the market. It looks good, it has a more than a decent spec sheet, a relatively good camera and it runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box. In our book, these reasons are just enough to call it the best mid-ranger of the moment!