Habits That Drain Your LG G5 Battery

Habits That Drain Your LG G5 Battery The LG G5 generated a lot of buzz earlier this year for its unique modular design and features. Now that the phone has been finally released, there’s something else people can’t stop talking about—the awful battery life.

If you are a current owner of an LG G5, you know that the battery drains fast, especially compared to the Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 6S and even the previous versions of the smartphone, G3 and G4. This is partly due to the design. The G5 was made smaller to make it easier to carry and to be more suitable for the modular design. As a result, the 3000 mAh battery of the G4 was downsized to a 2800 mAh. Pair that with a faster processor and an uncountable number of preinstalled apps, and you have a seriously overworked battery.

However, what ultimately accelerates the LG G5’s battery drainage is you. Rather, your habits. How you use the phone determines how much power consumption is saved, efficiently used or wasted. If you want to extend your LG G5’s battery life, you need to fix your habits. So, read below to find out the sort of habits that can drain your LG G5’s battery life, and how to avoid them:

Keeping Bluetooth On All the Time

No one really needs to use Bluetooth 24/7 these days, and yet most people have the Bluetooth feature unconsciously turned on at all times on the LG G5. Bluetooth can drain the G5 battery like water through a net, so keep it turned off by default. Turn on Bluetooth only when you need it, and don’t forget to turn it back off once you are done.

All Time Display

The all-time display feature on the main screen was one of the biggest attractions of the LG G5. While LG claims that the all-time display only costs less than one percent of battery life per hour, users should know better. You can save a lot of battery life by turning this feature off, especially if you need to preserve battery life on the go. Additionally, dim the screen brightness and you will save several minutes of battery life per hour.

Perpetual Internet and GPS

The LG G5 is not a phone that can handle having WiFi and GPS location features turned on all the time. The G5 only has WiFi browsing power on battery that lasts for about 5 hours and 34 minutes, which is significantly lower than for other smartphones in the same league. Therefore, don’t forget to keep these features turned off when not needed.

Having Too Many Apps Installed

The LG G5 comes with a load of preinstalled apps that you will never use. Go to your app panel, and delete all the apps that you don’t need. Remember that apps use battery power when the phone is on to search for updates, send notifications and so on. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to keep only the apps that you need.

Not Using Power Saving Mode

The name explains it all. Go to Settings and turn on the power saving mode to preserve battery life when you don’t have a charger near you. The above will help you to at least temporarily plug in the LG G5 battery drain. You can also try keeping an extra, fully charged battery with you to replace a drained battery on busy days. That’s a fix that only LG G5’s cool, removable bottom allows.