Four Different Ad Blocker Apps To Block The Annoying Ads On Your Android Device

Many of you might have noticed and irked with the ads that comes in amidst while using the android applications. These pop-up ads are very annoying that, they distract you while holding video calls, watching videos, listening to music, browsing and while shopping. People always wonder about the ways to stop those apps from taking most of the space on your smartphone screen. However, there are a few ad blocker apps that you can download on your android mobiles to stop and block the miffing ads while accessing your favorite apps.  By downloading the best ad blocker apps on your android smartphones, you can block the ads and have uninterrupted and incredible mobile experience. Now, no ad will prompt you to “visit their site” or “click here”.

Here are a few amazing apps that you can download on your android device in a jiffy to block the berated ads.

Adblock Plus:

This is the free android ad blocker app that you can download on your android device at a brisk pace. However, this ad has been blocked in the Google play. But, the adblock plus site is offering this app. You can root your Android device to download and run this app on your mobiles. The instructions to download this app are quite easy that, even novice users can have this on their mobiles. This is the most-trusted and reliable ad blocker app that is available in the market, though it is banned. However, to stop seeing the ads on your screen, you have to download this app.

NoRoot Ad-Remover Lite:

This is a free and user-friendly ad blocker app that you can find in Google play to download. You do not need to root your expensive android device to download this app on to your mobile. Moreover, this is also clearly mentioned in the name of the app. By successfully installing this app on your android device, you can never see a single ad on your mobile while accessing any app online or while browsing. This helps you to stay away from the distractions that the ads create while watching interesting videos on your mobile. However, this ad blocker will block the ads only for two apps for free of cost, but if you want to block the ads for other apps, you need to pay the premium.

Ad-Vanish Pro:

This is an amazing ad blocker app that enables the user to block the ads that are seen in offline apps without rooting the Android device. Moreover, to download this app, you do not need to shell out a single dime. This app is worth to have on your mobile to block the annoying ads on your favorite apps. Similar to the NoRoot Ad-Remover Lite, this app also blocks the ads in a few apps, but to block the ads in all the apps, you need to pay a small premium.

TrustGo Ad Detector:

There are a few mobile ad networks which amass the confidential information of the users from the apps they use. However, this ad blocker will scan the Android device thoroughly and find the ads in the apps that could cause a serious security threat. This app ensures that your personal information is safe. Though, this app is akin to that of the other ad blockers, but this protects your personal information from being snooped secretly.