Different Ways To Increase The Storage Space In Android

Do not have enough storage space on your android device to store photos, music, videos and other important files and every time when you are trying to install a new app on your mobile, the phone is prompting as “insufficient storage space”? This is the most common problem that is faced by the smart phone users today too. However, there are ample ways to increase the storage space on the android phones. Few of them include

Increase The Storage Space In Android With Micro SD Card

The best and easy way to increase the storage space in your Android phone is to insert MicroSD card,  though it is not compatible with your mobile. Prior to purchasing a MicroSD card, you need to check the specifications of the manufacturer to make sure on which devices this card supports and which cards supports on all the devices. Many of the smart phones that are of low cost will allow you to extend the memory up to 32 GB and a bit swanky mobiles allow you to extend the storage space up to 128 GB. Needless to say, a user is not ready to shell out money for the memory card that does not support on their mobile. Many memory card manufacturers are designing the various types of MicroSD cards where one is more secure and faster than others.

It is vital to be cautioning while purchasing these cards in online, since you may end up buying a shoddy card, which could not store the file sizes as promised. If your mobile does not support MicroSD, then you can attach this card on the Ad – hoc basis. You can find MicroSD card reader adaptor, this snippet piece of gadget has the ability to house a MicroSD of 64 GB and has a Micro-USB connection, which allows you to plug this into your tablet or phone. If your mobile support USB OTG, then, it shows the MicroSD card as a USB storage, thus allowing you to store as many files as you would like to store on your mobile. Certainly, no user would like to detach this card reader adaptor from their mobiles. Moreover, this is very light in weight and comes in small size. You can attach this to the headphone port for snug fit.

Expand The Storage Space With USB OTG

Many of the android devices support USB OTG, which a sea of users is not aware of. This USB OTG allows you to attach the storage devices to your mobile like you do with the personal computer. Ideally, no mobile manufacturer will mention whether or not the mobile support OTG. All you need to do to check whether or not the mobile support this USB OTG is to download the USB OTG checker app on your mobile. If you detect that your device support this OTG, then you can happily connect an OTG adaptor to your mobile. This adaptor has USB ports and card readers to attach the storage devices to your mobile. Now, you can insert the MicroSD card with ease and store the files as per your desire.

Delete Unwanted Apps And Files To Increase The Storage Space

When you think of the ways to increase the storage space, the easy way to do it is to delete the unnecessary apps and files from your mobiles. This eventually increases the storage space. When you would like to download certain apps, but it is taking more storage space due to cached files, then you can clear those cached files to make room for other files to store.