Crucial Features Of Android Marshmallow 6.0

Every now and then, you can find the new versions of android operating system. And now, what is new is that, android marshmallow 6.0. It is an extended version of Android Lollipop 5.1. So, obviously you could find something more in marshmallow than Lollipop. As far as the settings and notifications of the marshmallow are concerned, it remains same as the Lollipop. But, the features and appearance have some differences in it. The exclusive features of the android marshmallow are as follows,

  • Lock Screen

    The appearance of the marshmallow lock screen is same as that of Lollipop. But what is new in the marshmallow is that, Google voice search is replaced in place of dialer shortcut. Voice commands are possible with marshmallow.

  • Settings Shortcuts

    You can create shortcuts to applications like display, battery or other settings. The icons for these shortcuts will look same as like Lollipop. But the widget icons will have some differences in it.

  • Google’s Voice Commands

    The marshmallow android let you search anything all the way through the Google’s voice commands. Yes, just you have to tell what you want to search for Google’s Voice commands. Then, within some minutes, you will get what you want. But the response rate will be varied according to the speed of your internet. The results will always be accurate. You can also launch apps through voice commands.

  • Home Screen

    The home screen of marshmallow contains Google’s voice search bar. The appearance of the home screen is same as like Lollipop.

  • Launching Apps

    You can launch applications in many ways, such as voice commands, app drawer, app icons, recent app multitasking and more. You can simply access the app drawer by long pressing the app drawer. The app drawer icon is different while comparing to Lollipop app drawer icon.

  • App Drawer

    You can find vertical scrolling app drawer. According to reports, the app drawer went through some changes during the preview process and finally it was decided to include vertical scrolling drawer. The vertical scrolling drawer will let you swipe easily and you can create shortcuts for the applications.

  • 200 New Emoji

    You can find 200 new emoji in marshmallow. These are default emoji and it will be reliable with any kind of keyboards. Not all the 200 emoji are new ones. The additional emoji are added along with the old set of emoji. Totally, there will be 200 in the count.

  • Notifications And Quick Settings

    You can get common notifications like Bluetooth connection, internet connection, headset’s connection and more. A single swipe down from the home screen will make you the notification panel available and second swipe down from the home screen will make you the quick settings panel available.

Final Thoughts

I believe that, this article has explained you the new and updated features of the android marshmallow. All those features are easy to use and handle. Android lovers can enjoy the new features and specifications of the marshmallow android now. These features will make you experience something special in Android OS.