Cool Things You Didn’t Know About Android Phones

Smart phones are complex and well designed devices. The operating system running on these gadgets is made in such a way that they leverage the resources in them. Android is one such operating system that helps users get a lot of things done using their phones. Many smart phones have this operating system in them. People like to use Android phones because of their wonderful and easy user interface. However, there are many amazing things that Android phones can do that are not known to many users. Here are some of the cool things your phone can do that you may not know about.


How Android Device Manager can save you

  • Losing your phone is one of the worst things that can happen to you in this digital age. All your accounts, passwords and pictures are in danger when you lose your phone. But thanks to Android Device Manager, you can prevent this problem. If you ever lose your phone, you can use this feature to take its control. There are many other things that you can do with this feature that will not allow dangerous hands mishandle your sensitive information. Users can give a ring to their phone and also remotely lock it using this feature. Android Device Manager offers many benefits that let the user use the phone in a better manner.


  • Your phone can do some amazing things due to the sensors it has. Although the sensor varieties differ based on the phone you have, there are some sensors that are found in all phones. Your phone can tell you the temperature, humidity and other things around it. Using these sensors, you can make use of many apps that will give you information about the environment around you. Hence, you should make use of such apps for everyday purposes. You can also play wonderful games using gravity sensors, proximity sensors and so on. These sensors enhance the user experience.


  • Scanning bar codes is something your phone can do easily. Using the camera, you can change your phone into a bar code scanner. There are many dedicated apps for this purpose. You will be pleased with the result. Hence, while shopping, you can scan the items you want. Many people make use of this feature. Now, you have your own scanner with your phone. This is a very useful feature. Hence, it is used by many.

Measuring things

  • Using many of the measurement apps available in the Google Play Store, you can use your phone to measure distances. This feature is provided by using the sensors in your phone and camera. Both these things combine to give you a fantastic result every time. You can measure the length of an object easily. There are many apps for this purpose. You will be pleased with the accuracy of the apps. You can try many apps that give you this result.

Data usage

  • Users can control their data usage on their phones. Using the settings given to Android users, they can set a restriction to their data usage.

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