Best Five Android Travel Apps To Help You In Your Journey

Smart phones have really changed the way we live our lives. With smart phones, everything is easier. Their cool features make them very useful. Android phones are very useful when travelling. Everything from the GPS navigation to hotel booking apps is widely used by Android users. These features make it easy to go to various places. Thanks to Android phones, your every journey will be pleasant and soothing. Since phones have changed the way we travel, it is time we all start using them to make our trips wonderful.

Here are interesting travel apps that can be used by people when travelling.


Since travelling to new places can be difficult and stressful, you need Google Maps to take you in the right direction. With this app, you will never be lost. This is a very accurate app that gives you the right directions to the place you want to go. Apart from this, you get a clear idea of how much time you will take to reach. Users also get real time information about the traffic on the route you are taking. Hence, people trust this app. It covers vast area and can also be used while travelling to distant cities or states. Since this is a Google app, users trust it on all occasions. It is constantly updated to have maps of all places. Hence, Google Maps is one of the most essential apps for everyone.


If you are going on a long trip, this app will make your trip convenient. It takes all your trip related data and organizes the events for you. This makes it easy to plan your everyday when travelling. You will love to see the result it shows. You will be pleased with the information it gives you. You can refer to the results it has given and have a good trip. The travel plan given by this app is also synced with the calendar in your phone. Hence, this is a very important travel app.


As the name suggests, this app gives information about plane schedules. If you are going to take a flight, this app is perfect for you. You can see various flight schedules and even book the flight ticket that you find convenient. This app is very convenient for people interested in taking a flight for their trip. You must have an updated version of this flight for this purpose.


One of the most important and stressful things about trips is booking of hotel rooms. With this app, you can see a variety of rooms that you can select from. You will be given many options based on your destination, budget and other requirement. You can choose the best room for you. By booking early, you can avoid the last minute trouble of booking your room in a hurry. Before you get to a place, your room booking will be done with the help of this app. Hence, this app should be used by everyone.