Antivirus For Android Smartphone

Most people now use android smartphones because of advanced technology and features. When it comes to choosing a smartphone, people will look for several things right from features to security. As far as the features of the android phones are concerned, you cannot say anything pessimistic with respect to its features. Since, the features of the android OS are really commanding to use. When it comes to security of the android device, people still have some questions running at the back of their mind. But this article will clear people’s doubt regarding the security of the Android device. Since, Avast is going to afford free antivirus for Android smart phones. This antivirus will protect and guard the android device with ultimate comfort.


Features Of The Android Antivirus


Android users who expect to have a superb antivirus for their android mobiles can now use the Avast free antivirus. This antivirus is safe and hundred percent secured to use. Without being bothered about the comfort factors, the Android users can now use this android antivirus. You might ask that, why should we use this antivirus while comparing to other antivirus. Of course, I can let you know why you should use this antivirus in particular for your android devices.

The foremost reason is that, this android antivirus will scan each and every performance of yours and will notify you whether or not it is good to do that. From that, you could know executing such things is safe or not. Secondly, this android antivirus has tons of features in it merely to comfort the users. Thirdly, whenever you attempt to download any application, this android antivirus will scan the application which you are attempting to download. If the application contains any scams or spyware, the antivirus will clean them automatically and will save your device from trouble.

The striking haves of this android antivirus are as follows,

  • Scan the device for viruses every now and then.
  • Remote phone locking.
  • Scan the device thoroughly whenever you attempt to download applications.
  • Remote backup and retrieve data.
  • Review and intimate on applications of permissions.
  • Rearrange and delete device remote data.
  • Save the photos and call logs.
  • Virus protection in real time.
  • Filtering calls and SMS as of users’ wish.
  • Application manager.
  • Anti-theft protection.
  • Web shield firewall.
  • Scan the downloaded applications.
  • Web page content analysis.
  • SMS analysis to encounter potential scams or viruses.
  • Geographical location.
  • Delete stolen data from remote locations.
  • Event manager.
  • Optimize your battery life.
  • Optimize your device memory.

Finally, you have got a stunning, at the same time user-friendly android antivirus for free. I could understand how much you are happy now. With this android antivirus, you can keep your android device clean and tidy without letting the garbage or scams inside your device. Scanning of the device will be completed in a matter of time. So, you do not have to wait for a long time to scan your device.