Android OS Upholds Its Market Access With Newest Features

Mobile world would not like to stop the argument with respect to the familiarity of the mobile operating system until now. They have been arguing which the best operating system for a mobile is. There could be many operating systems for a mobile. But I would say that, android would be the best and ideal operating system when it comes to mobile. Since, no other operating system has the features and specifications what the android OS has. Be it a Google’s development, the android operating system has no comparison. According to the reports, as of now, android holds 1.6 million applications. I do not think so, the other operating systems have this many applications.

Latest Enhancements In Android OS

Android marshmallow would be the best example for the familiarity of the Android OS. As we all know that, it is an extended version of android Lollipop. Android marshmallow was launched last year in the month of September. The features of this android are really stunning to glance at. Besides various features, the best feature is that the battery conserving one. The battery conserving application will save 12% to 15% battery during the night.  And the app standby feature encounters the applications that are not in use now. And that app will put those applications into sleeping mode. The lock screen, widget icons, vertical scrolling app drawer is some of the awesome features of android marshmallow.

Android 2.0 was launched last year in the month of November. This android version is calculated to be the coder’s time saver. Since, using this android, the coders can code faster and sooner. This android contains an emulator toolbar which will help to run the new Android application immediately and quickly. This android can be customized easily all the way through the bug fixation code. The GPU profile tool is another feature which has uplifted the popularity of android operating system into some heights.

This feature lets the open GL sessions recording to drag out the presentation issues. This feature will be helpful for the application designers who are involved in the development of graphic intense applications. Also, the android OS contains voice commands. With the voice commands, the users can surf the internet, draw the app from the back screen to home screen and vice versa and launch the applications. Voice commands help users to get their tasks done simply within some minutes.


Final Thoughts

I hope, you would come to know why android is familiar that much by reading the above paragraphs. A day or two would not be enough to explain the benefits and handiness of android operating system. Android operating is established to support numerous applications, no matter, either, be it gaming applications or business related applications. Be it a customized OS, Google found it easy to bring changes and new versions of Android OS once in a while. This is the fantastic advantage of Android OS. Other mobile operating systems like iOS, Blackberry would not have undergone changes yet. Without any doubts, you can enjoy the newest features of android now.