Android Application Development – Tips And Latest Trends

As you all know that, a cold war is going on between the android and iOS platforms today regarding which is the best. Android is very popular among the users while comparing to iOS, since it is an open source platform. An open source platform lets the users to customize the applications every now and then as per their demands and requirements. Besides accessing the android operating system, developing the android application is turning out to be a trend now. Nowadays, you can find people who are interested in developing Android applications for their business needs.

For developing an Android application, you should know something about the newest trends and tips. Just to let you know those things, I have explained some tips and trends in Android application development, just read on.


Hold Back Your Name Space

Too many android applications are on the list now. So, it is your duty to give a unique identification to your android application that you are going to develop. This is something that both a developer and the buyer of the application should consider. Rather just being a perfect identification name, the application name should be catchy and captivating.

Pay Attention To Your Users

It is the users who are going to decide the victory or crash of the android application. Always, it would be the fairest option to create an Android application with user friendly features. Also, you should be ready to make changes in your Android application as per the requirements of your users. Keep in touch with your users and listen to their feedback.

Know An Android’s Platform Outlines

It is not a wonder that, always you want to have a peculiar android application. But it is possible only if you have some knowledge about the surviving android application patterns. Only then, you could outline what is the trend now and how your android application should be. Your android application should be according to the latest trends of android platform. Most importantly, your application should attract more users.

Target Audience

While you are about to develop an Android application, you should remember your target audience. Foremost, you have to know who your audience is. Either your audience are kids or elders or both. Then, you have to design the application that comforts your audience. If you are about to design an android game, you have to include more graphics. Since, kids would like to see the graphics in the games they play. If you are going to develop a business related app, you have to concentrate on elders.

Test Your Application

Once you are done with your application development, you have to test it without fail. While testing the application, you have to think yourself as a user and check whether or not you can enjoy your application. Check the speed of your application as well.

I believe that, these tips would be helpful to you while you develop android applications. What are you waiting for? Go and try developing a dramatic android app that attracts more audience.