5 Best Android Productivity Apps

We all like to download and use apps in our everyday lives. Androids rich set of apps in many categories. They are easy to use and very efficient. With such apps, you can get our work done in a better manner. Hence, Android apps are liked by all. Productivity apps have special attractions as they are very useful. Here are some of the best productivity apps for Android users. You will be pleased with them as they are well designed and effective.

As smart phones became more powerful and efficient, they started doing all the functions of a PC. Hence, people use their phones for emails, notes and document viewing. Since Adobe provides much useful software for various purposes, users trust them for their design and functionality. Adobe Acrobat Reader provides an easy way to view and modify documents in .pdf format. Since a lot of documents are in this format, this software is very essential for users. Since this software has done very well on the PC and laptop devices, it is no surprise that its phone version is also very productive. With this app, document viewing will be very simple.  Many users have experienced the robustness of this app.

As the name suggests, this is a keyboard app that replaces your default keyboard provided with your phone. This keyboard comes with many features. You will love to use it due to its cool additions. Users can use the various emoticons and skins provided on this keyboard. Flash Keyboard is fast and requires less space. You can have fun chatting with the help of this app. Flash Keyboard comes with a rich set of smileys and other options. This makes it very interesting.

This is one of the most popular apps. It is used by people in many countries. As users generate content like images and videos very regularly, it becomes difficult to store such things in their devices. The memory shortage can lead to slowing of phones. You can also risk losing your content due to this reason. To avoid such problems, users should use Dropbox. This app store all your photos and videos on the web. This makes it easy to keep your device in a better condition. You can access your content whenever you want to use the internet. Your media is backed securely. Hence, you can safely store all your files and get them whenever you want.

As the name suggests, this app is basically Microsoft Office Software Suit for your phone. You can use all the Office software on your phone. This app makes your office work easy and fast. You can work no matter where you are.

Using this app, users can manage their files effectively. They can perform various activities like cut, copy, decompress, paste, compress and so on. Apart from this, File Manager HD also has cloud support.